Dreaming of a toned core? Start moving! This ab workout will put your workout routine in overdrive and give you the kick in the *abs you need to get strong and solid!

Set Up

Place a mat on a hard floor and lay in a supine position (lay on back, with face looking toward the ceiling). Hold a medicine ball (approximately 2-6 pounds) overhead, with arms straightened overhead. Lift feet and hands approximately 6 inches off of the ground. Feet and hands should not touch the ground for the remainder of this exercise. Take a deep breath in and proceed to position A.

Position A

Engage your core and slowly lift your legs and arms so that your feet almost touch the medicine ball in your hands over the center of your core. Your back should be raised slightly off of the ground at the end of this position. Hold for 2 counts.

This move can be tricky – perform it in front of a mirror, if you can, to ensure proper form!

Position B

 Exhale and slowly lower legs and arms, so that both are back to the original position (approximately 6 inches off the floor). Hold for 2 counts. Moving from position A to position B is one rep.

Complete 2 sets of 20 reps.

If you find this move difficult (and it is!), start without the medicine ball in order to maintain perfect form. Do not strain your neck while performing this exercise. If you are using a medicine ball, begin with a light weight. Increase the weight of the medicine ball if you feel you are able, but do not increase the weight past 10 pounds (and many people will most likely prefer a 4 or 6 pound medicine ball). If this move is still too simple, or you are mastering it well, increase the number of sets you perform to 3.

*Prior to beginning any fitness regimen, please consult your physician and make sure that you are fit to engage in such activity. If you feel unfit to perform this or any other recommended exercise, or feel faint, ill, injured or uneasy while performing an exercise, stop immediately and seek medical attention. 


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