Do The Twist!

Stumped for a good move to incorporate into your workout routine? Try out this move for your abs! This move will primarily target your obliques and rectus abdominis muscles. Also, your glutes and many of your leg muscles will feel the effects of this move!

The Twist

Set up

Start out by laying supine on a mat on a hard floor, holding a medicine ball in hands. Lift your back off the mat so your back is at roughly a 60 degree angle with the mat. Lift your legs off the ground, balancing on your glutes, with both legs slightly bent at the knee. Your feet should not touch the ground through the remainder of the exercise.

Position A

Straighten your right leg and bend your left leg as you engage your abs, inhale and rotate your core and the medicine ball to your right side. This is position A.

Position A

Position B

Engage your abs and breathe in as you rotate your core toward the left, bringing the medicine ball over to your left side and switching the positioning of your legs (bend your right leg and straighten your left leg). Exhale as you reach position B. Repeat this move as you inhale and continue to move from position A to position B.

Position B

One rep is the complete rotation of position A to position B. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps.

I suggest starting with a 2 or 4 pound medicine ball, unless you are familiar with moves similar to this one and are comfortable with a larger weight. It is easy to strain your neck and/or back if you use a weight that is too heavy. If you feel as though the weight you choose is too light, increase your weight accordingly. Also, if you feel as though your form becomes faulty while using the weight, lower your weight or forget about the medicine ball completely. You can always add more weight later on!

*Prior to beginning any fitness regimen, please consult your physician and make sure that you are fit to engage in such activity. If you feel unfit to perform this or any other recommended exercise, or feel faint, ill, injured or uneasy while performing an exercise, stop immediately and seek medical attention. 


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