Add Some Spring To Your Step!

New Season, New Workout!

It’s time to get rid of the winter blues and shake up your workout routine! I know I’ve been sick of running on a stationary piece of a equipment, whether it’s the treadmill or the elliptical. With spring comes (hopefully) some warmer weather and milder winds, and I’m ready to take my workouts outside!

The beautiful view while hiking in Cave Creek

The beautiful view while hiking in Cave Creek

Why Change Things Up?

If you continue to do the same workouts, not only do YOU get bored – so does your body. And with boredom comes little change and a whole lot of untapped potential. Even though I switch up which machines I use regularly, I tend to get bored of the same old gym routine and I feel my body becoming acclimated to what once seemed to be a tough limit. Muscle confusion allows for better results, since your muscles are being continuously pushed to their limits and forced to learn new movements. Also, switching up your gym routine allows your nervous system (your brain, spinal cord and the neurons and other nervous cells throughout your body) to form new connections, which has major implications in the prevention of both physical and mental diseases. So, if you’re getting bored, chances are, so are your legs – time to hit the road and take things outside!

So Now, What Do I Do?

One way I was able to start switching up my workout routine was by hiking this past week, while I was in Arizona with my family. Not only were the views incredible, the burn was, too! My family and I hiked through Cave Creek and had a lot of fun while doing so. Overall, the trail was only about 3 miles, however, we reached some impressive elevations and certainly felt the incline in our steps. Even though some family members were apprehensive about the hike, everyone ended up having a really great time and now we are searching for places where we can hike while back home in the Connecticut and New York areas. I recommend finding a serene route near you and soaking up the tranquility nature can offer you – especially while being active!

My sister and me, stopping for a quick photo op!

My sister and me, stopping for a quick photo op!

Other ways in which I’m looking forward to switching up my workout? I want to get back on the court and pick up my old tennis racquet. I used to play tennis when I was younger and it was an activity I really enjoyed. Even though it’s certainly a workout, I always looked at it as something I wanted to do for fun, as opposed to something I had to do to stay in shape. This outlook is, in my opinion, what separates those who lead active lives from those who lead sedentary lives with scheduled spurts of activity built in to them. Finding something you love, whether it’s hiking, running, playing tennis, soccer, flag football, or any other activity or sport, is truly the key to sticking with your workout regimen, preventing boredom and progressing. Also, with the nice weather coming, I definitely don’t want to be spending time indoors when I don’t have to! I always feel a sense of clarity and – most importantly – FUN – when I take my workout outside and take in what nature has to offer.

Pilates in the Park with my friends, Alli and Casey (last summer)

Pilates in the Park with my friends, Alli and Casey (last summer)

And Remember To Always Challenge Yourself!

Mix up your fun activities with activities that really train you. Two years ago, I pushed myself to run my first long-distance race – a half marathon. My sister, who previously ran the NYC Marathon, convinced me to sign up with her and I was so excited to have her by my side during my first important race. This required some training and, for the first time, I was able to feel the difference that the beautiful outdoors made in terms of enjoyment while running. I alternated training runs between the monuments and the National Mall in DC, while I was finishing my last semester of college, and the beach and residential roads within my hometown in Connecticut once I had graduated. Ultimately, the race took place in a suburban Connecticut town and the scenic route through the beach was motivation enough to keep going and enjoy myself. Find YOUR race, YOUR challenge and YOUR motivation – and this spring, meet your fitness goals (and have fun while doing it!)

Goin' strong during the half!

Goin’ strong during the half!





It’s All Fun and Games…Until You Grow Up?

When Did Exercise Become Something We Have To Do?

I don’t know about you, but I used to love recess when I was younger. After sitting at a desk in school all day, I couldn’t wait to run around and play soccer, kickball, or even tag. Also, Field Day was definitely the best day of the entire year – a whole afternoon of obstacle courses and field games definitely beat being in class for hours. So when did moving around become something to dread? After sitting at work all day, why is that people aren’t more excited to go for a run, go to a spin class, play in a sports league, or do anything else that would be considered exercise? Or, dare I say it, fun?

These Guys Know How To Have Fun

wheelbarrow races!

wheelbarrow races!

Last week, I was fortunate to go to the Nestle Nutrition Institute PowerBar Sport Nutrition Conference. Just one day after the NYC marathon, I got to hear about all things “sport nutrition” with a focus on endurance training and performance. Also, I got to hear firsthand about research from some of the most respected researchers in the field, such as Louise Burke and John Hawley. Not to mention, some of America’s greatest athletes, including Josh Cox and Desiree Davila were there to share their training secrets. While the first day was all work, the second day included a substantial “recess”.

the end of the relay race - 20 sit ups

the end of the relay race – 20 sit ups

My graduate program volunteered to plan fun activities for everyone who wished to join in Central Park – many of whom had never been to New York City and were thrilled to be running around the grassy oasis. These men and women were dressed  in workout clothes and ready to get down on their hands and knees – literally. Relay races consisting of wheelbarrow races, hula hooping, sprinting, push-ups and sit ups were just a few of the stations that we set up. Also, everyone resurrected their P.E. skills and got together for dodgeball. For a rest – and a healthy snack – different teams got to play NYC trivia and snack on apples (we called the activity “taking a bite out of the Big Apple”). Basically, everyone felt like a kid again, because working out became fun again. I think we can all take a cue from these amazing athletes and researchers and channel our inner child – the one who used to have to move around in order to stay sane.

the beginning of the relay - 10 push ups. Check out that form!

the beginning of the relay – 10 push ups. Check out that form!

running the relay

running the relay

So What Can You Do?

Find an activity you genuinely enjoy. Running is a great workout, but if it’s not something you’re going to get excited about doing, chances are it won’t stick. And ultimately, the best exercise is the exercise that you will continue to do because you genuinely enjoy doing it. So, join a soccer league, grab some friends and play tennis, swim, bike, hit the gym, and most importantly,  have fun!

all of us after the friendly competition

all of us after the friendly competition – all smiles!